At Our Place, we believe a good relationship starts with communication. To wit, we have provided you with a list of rules so you know what to expect.

Pet Agreement

​Our Place Inn is located at 4077 Soco Road in Maggie Valley, NC (28751)
We can be reached by phone at (910) 890-4173 or (336) 327-0923
Or you can e-mail us at

1) All pets and service animals must be declared at check in. Guests discovered to have undeclared animals in their rooms or vehicles may be subject to eviction with no refund.

2) All pets staying in motel rooms require a $20 non-refundable fee. Service animals may stay free of charge. Guests are responsible for identifying service animals to management prior to check in to waive pet fees. Guests are responsible for making sure service animals behave in accordance with service animal laws.

3) Our Place Inn reserves the right to refuse or evict any animal that appears or becomes dangerous or sick, disruptive, repeatedly noisy, or otherwise poses a threat or risk to the health, safety, and repose of other guests and their pets, staff, or resident animals.

4) Registrant agrees to pay charges for any necessary cleaning or repair due to pet stains and/or damages to rooms or property, including pest infestations, as determined within the sole discretion of Our Place Inn. Potential damages must be guaranteed by credit card.

5) Registrant assumes full responsibility for any injury or damage caused or alleged to be caused by their pet. Our Place Inn is not responsible for any injury or damage incurred by any guest, employee or invitee.

6) All uncaged pets must be restrained with leash and proper harness or collar while outside guest’s room or RV. Harness or collar must have tags with owner’s information and current rabies vaccination. Proof of current vaccinations must be made available to management upon request.

7) Our Place Inn is a huge fan of animals – but not all guests are able to tolerate them. Not all rooms are pet friendly, so please do not allow your pets to enter other rooms or facilities of Our Place Inn.

8) Guests who reserve a room in advance are responsible for reserving a pet friendly room. Our Place Inn is not required to house animals in non pet friendly rooms. Guests who do not reserve a pet friendly room and show up with an animal MUST find alternative housing for their animals, or their reservation will be cancelled. Management is happy to help guests find local, reputable pet daycares.

9) Pets may not be housed or left unattended in vehicles. Our Place Inn morally opposes cruelty to animals – don’t leave your pets to sleep in the car or risk them overheating in the afternoons.

10) Pets may not be left unattended in rooms. Hey, if you're going to bring your best bud with you on vacation, take him with you on vacation! We do understand that not all attractions in the area are pet friendly, and will allow animals to be crated within the rooms for short periods of time only with management approval.​

11) Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their pets inside the hotel and throughout the property grounds. Courtesy bags are available to guests in the front office. Guests are responsible for properly disposing of pet waste.

12) Absolutely no pee pads inside the hotel rooms!!! Evidence of pee pads inside the room will result in an automatic penalty fee to the registrant’s account per pad, and may also result in registrant being financially responsible for the replacement of flooring and/or an odor cleaning fee.

13) Our Place Inn currently allows only the following pets to stay in our motel rooms:  domesticated dogs and cats. Special arrangements may be made for sugar gliders, reptiles, and non-toxic amphibians, depending on their feeding and housing arrangements. Please inquire with management when making reservations.

14) Our Place Inn currently allows the following pets to stay in our RV Park: domesticated dogs and cats, birds, fish (single tank up to ten gallons), sugar gliders, rodents, rabbits, small reptiles (single tank or cage with up to two heating/light sources), and non-toxic amphibians and arthropods.

15) No ungulates, no exceptions. Our Place Inn currently does not possess the capacity to accommodate our hoofed friends.