At Our Place, we believe a good relationship starts with communication. To wit, we have provided you with a list of rules so you know what to expect.

RV Park Rules and Information

​Our Place Inn is located at 4077 Soco Road in Maggie Valley, NC (28751)
We can be reached by phone at (910) 890-4173 or (336) 327-0923
Or you can e-mail us at

1)  THIS RV PARK IS A TEMPORARY VACATION HOUSING; OCCUPANTS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED RESIDENTS OF THE RV PARK. Registration must include a permanent address separate from Our Place Inn and its properties. Upon registration all occupants must record their names and phone numbers. Unrecorded guest(s) risk accountability in the event of an emergency.

2)  Pets must be declared at check in. Guests must clean up after their pets and are required to follow rules set forth in the pet agreement.

3)  Registration requires a valid ID of an adult ages 21 years or older and must be guaranteed with Registrant’s credit card. The Registrant will assume responsibility for their RV site and occupants, along with their party’s use of facilities offered to RV guests, including financial responsibility for damages, loss, or excessive insanitation. Our Place Inn is not responsible for accidents or injuries to guests, or for damages or loss of guests’ belongings or RV.

4)  Reservations require a credit card and a deposit equal to the first night's rent per site reserved. Reservations cancelled at least seven days in advance to the reserved date will be entitled to a full refund of the deposit. Reservations cancelled less than seven days prior to the reserved date can be rescheduled with charges applied to a new reservation within the same seasonal year (guests are responsible for rescheduling within the same seasonal year). No call/no shows will be charged the full deposit with no refund.

5) We require the balance of your stay to be paid upon arrival. Rent for seasonal guests is due on the 1st of each month. New seasonal guests are required to pay first and last month’s rent of their first year upon arrival. Our Place Inn currently only accepts cash and major credit cards. Guests may see accommodations before checking in. Once checked in, no monies can be returned or refunded for early departure/check out due to your change of plans. Guests may not change or occupy other sites without approval from management.

6) Basic rates apply for up to five adults or children, with one RV and one vehicle per site, unless otherwise approved by management. Overnight visitors must be approved by management. Visitors are subject to RV park rules and are guest’s responsibility. Extra vehicles, persons, and extended overnight visitors may be subject to additional fees. Guests and visitors are permitted to park only in designated area.

7) Subletting is not allowed. Guests found to be subletting their RV or site may be subject to eviction with no refund.

8) Check out time is 11 am. RV must be disconnected and removed from site unless other arrangements are made with management. It is the Registrant’s responsibility to remove any accessory equipment or structures installed upon the premises by their party. Registrant will be charged for an extra day if you have not checked out by 11 am or made other arrangements with management. These charges for extended stay do not guarantee occupancy for specific site if in conflict with previous reservations.

9)  Check in is at 3 pm. Check in may be allowed earlier based on site availability, please check with management.

10) We reserve the right to refuse service and to eject any person or persons who create(s) a disturbance or becomes a nuisance. The following activities are deemed to be injurious to public health and therefore are prohibited: public drunkenness; unruly or unsupervised children and pets; boisterous activity; use of fireworks; overcrowding on or within motel’s premises; public urination; extremely profane or abusive language; harassment or hostility towards staff and resident animals; the making of any noise (day or night) of such character, intensity, or duration so as to be detrimental to the life, health and safety, or welfare of any individual; steadily or intermittently annoying, disturbing, injuring, or endangering the comfort, repose, or peace of another individual. Ejection is subject to forfeiture of all monies paid.

11) Children (ages 17 and under) must stay with and be supervised by a responsible, adult registrant – do not leave children unattended in RV!

12) Supervising adult registrant is responsible for the conduct of accompanying children and minors. 
Do not allow children to run, play, ride bikes, or skateboard on ramps, walkways and driveways, or in parking lots. Do not allow children to run or play around the fire pit. Do not allow children to play at such a volume as to bother other guests. Do not allow children to climb trees. Do not allow children to feed or tease animals residing at Our Place Inn. Do not allow children to find other creative ways of damaging or destroying motel property, or otherwise create a disturbance or become a nuisance for motel guests and staff. Yes, we know, we’ve become our mother.

​13) In accordance with North Carolina law, persons under 21 are prohibited from possessing or consuming alcohol.  Registrant is responsible for all RV occupants following this law. Guests are prohibited from drinking hard alcohol outside of their RV - if you had to buy it from the ABC or that crazy moonshiner you know up in the hills, you can’t drink it outdoors. Guests over 21 that would like to consume beer or wine at their RV site or in a public area such as the fire pit are invited to do so only from a bottle or can that is sufficiently covered with a koozie, brown bag, or similar product. Do not leave any alcoholic bottle or can unattended outside.

14) Do not trespass, encroach upon, or tamper with another guest’s site. All property and premises owned by Our Place Inn which is not intended for use by RV guests and their visitors shall not be used, tampered, or interfered with in any way. Please do not enter the chicken coop or yard.

15) Guests are responsible for keeping their sites clean and orderly. Storage of items (especially those that could be considered unsightly) beneath, behind, or outside the RV is subject to management approval. Management reserves the right to enter RV site during reasonable hours to maintain yard if not kept up to community standards. If problems or damages occur at site, please inform management immediately.

16) Management reserves the right to prohibit any yard décor or structures that are found to be offensive, a nuisance, dangerous, or damaging.
To wit, mats and area rugs are not permitted on lawn. All permanent structures must be approved by management prior to installation.  All yard décor must be maintained and kept within the yard. Any décor or structure found in violation of this rule is subject to removal by management, and will have up to seven days from notice to be removed by owner.

17) Guests are responsible for disposal of their own trash into the dumpster. Do not dispose of RV refuse in bathhouses or outdoor trashcans. Garbage must be bagged before being deposited in the dumpster. Do not store or leave trash outside of your RV. Sanitary and health laws must be obeyed at all times. Combustible, noxious, or hazardous materials should be removed from the park and not placed in dumpster. Construction debris and large items such as mattresses and appliances are not to be disposed of in dumpster. Do not overload dumpster so as to render impossible the disposal of garbage by other guests. Materials must not be left outside of dumpster. Keep door to dumpster shut. Bringing trash from outside the RV park to dump in the RV park’s dumpster is not permitted. Trash will be picked up bimonthly by The Trash Company.

18) All RV guests are welcome to use our outdoor bathhouses. No washing of dishes or clothes in bathhouse sink. No disposing of RV refuse in bathhouse trashcans. Please help keep our facilities clean, and let management know of any sanitation problems immediately. There are laundry facilities for our yearly RV guests only. Laundry unlocked upon request. No smoking in any of Our Place Inn’s facilities.

19) Outdoor cooking at RV sites must be limited to charcoal grills or electric/propane stoves, and kept on the concrete patio. We have provided a picnic area with outdoor grill and fire pit for your convenience. Do not start a fire in the pit without prior management approval.Do not leave fire or grill burning and unattended. Guest assumes all responsibility for starting a fire, including damages to self, motel property and other guests, due to accident or negligence.

20) Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 8 am. Bright outside RV lights that can be considered a nuisance must be turned off at 10 pm.

21) Speed limit is 5 mph. When driving through park, please adhere to speed limit at all times, and do not use pull through spaces as shortcuts.

22) No use of generators except in emergency cases approved by management.

23) Washing of vehicles, other than light sponge and pail cleaning, is prohibited within the RV park. Guests are encouraged to use off-site vehicle-washing facilities to both conserve water and to avoid potential damage and annoyance or inconvenience to neighboring guests from spraying and/or flowing water.

24) Major vehicle repairs, especially fluid and oil changes, are expressly prohibited unless approved by management. All repairs must be conducted on site’s concrete pad, off of grass and driveway.

25) Melee weapons, combustible materials, and other goods of a hazardous, illegal, or objectionable nature are prohibited. The Guest shall be solely liable and responsible to the management, agents of Our Place Inn, other guests, and visitors for all loss, financial or otherwise, and damage that may be caused by such articles or as a result of the guests' own negligence and non-observance of any rules.

26) Our Place Inn is a family oriented community, and we are especially concerned for the safety and comfort of our child and pet guests. As such, we require no open carry of firearms or other weapons permitted on the premises.  Concealed carry with proper permits are welcome, if notified to management in advance. We appreciate your cooperation with such a controversial concern.

27) It is a federal offense to taper with a mailbox or its contents. DO NOT COLLECT MAIL FROM OUR PLACE INN’S MAILBOX. Mail will be collected by Our Place Inn management and taken to the front office. Residents may pick up their mail from the front office, or in special cases arrange to have it delivered by management to their RV.

28) Winter RV guests are required to wrap or insulate the bottom of their RV, use primarily gas heating (as opposed to electric), and have properly insulated water lines. Our Place Inn is not financially responsible for damages that incur as a result of freezing temperatures. Guests may be subject to a slight increase in rent during winter months, as a result of increased energy consumption.

By signing Our Place Inn’s Rules and Regulations, I am assuming responsibility as Registrant. I have read these rules and understand that violations or non-compliance of said rules can result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of all monies paid.

[  ] I am travelling with a pet. I have read and agree to the pet rules, and understand I am responsible for a $20 non-refundable pet fee.

 [  ] I am not travelling with a pet.